What Is Neuromuscular Reeducation℠?

If You Have Chronic Neck,  Shoulder, Low Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle or Other Musculoskeletal Problems That No One Else Can Solve, Here Is An Offer You Can’t (Or Shouldn’t) Refuse!


If so, please answer these five questions:

  • How long have you had it?

  • What have you done for it and/or who have you seen about it?

  • What, if anything, made any difference with the pain or function?

  • What is the pain like at its worst?

  • What activities do you want to do but can’t do because of your pain or lack of function?


So...here's the offer you shouldn't refuse:

  • Come in for a courtesy consultation and brief exam…that means at no charge!

  • Please bring any prior medical history, reports or x-rays.

  • You and I will decide on how many visits it will take to get you better to your satisfaction.

  • If, by the end of that number of visits, you haven’t improved enough for it to have been worth your while, there will be no charge for that last appointment  and you’re the judge, not me.