Dr. Peter J. Levy, D.C.










Getting patients well is important. Getting patients well QUICKLY is more important.

That has been Dr. Peter Levy’s driving philosophy throughout his professional career. In an attempt to achieve this goal in his chiropractic practice he studied and used many soft tissues techniques. Yet he felt he was falling short of his ideal because he was dissatisfied with how long it was taking his patients to get well. 

That changed when he met Dr. Gary Glum, the founder of Neuromuscular Reeducation (NMRSM).  Dr. Glum treated him for a damaged shoulder that was preventing him from playing squash. After only three treatments, he was playing competitively again. He had finally found and experienced the power of a solution he could believe in. Once he took Dr. Glum’s 4-day training seminar and introduced Neuromuscular Reeducation into his practice, he never looked back.

Feel improved or you don't pay!

That’s the bold promise Dr. Levy made to his patients. It may sound like marketing hype but his belief in this technique was so deep and well-founded that he could offer this with little risk. Fewer than 5% of patients got free treatment.

There are 649 muscles in the body and 207 bones so specializing in a brilliant soft tissue technique has made him immensely successful and popular.  He has traveled and taught this technique to other health care practitioners nationally and internationally for the last 23 years and is finally coming home to "roost" and is re-opening his practice in Santa Barbara.

He is interested in patients committed to improving their health and function.  If you have been putting up with a musculoskeletal problem that has been unresolved for too long, just pick up the phone and call 805-864-2100. 

Experience results-oriented Chiropractic as never before!